Friday, August 25, 2006
  Pixilated Hippy Bits

Dark and I decided to throw together a late summer mix for our MASSIVE readership. All 3 of you. Old stuff, new stuff, long songs, short songs, pop songs, face melters, and even a few of our '80s fantasy jams. Hopefully everyone will go into this with an open mind and add some mindbenders to your ipod playlists. The person's name who is highlighted is the dude who brought the jam forth. Click the picture to the left to print out the artwork. Click the nipple to unlock your mind!

Also, you can download each individual track on its own, or click here to download the ZIP file of all 16. [COMING SOON - HAVING TROUBLE WITH WINZIP - WILL POST THIS AS SOON AS I FIX IT]

1. Captain Beyond - "Sufficiently Breathless"
DJ: This song makes me wish I was shootin' the hooch with some friends and a cooler of beer. Perfect summer breeze.
Dark: Makes me feel as happy and care-free as "What A Fool Believes". A total breezy, summer afternoon, daintily sipping Beast tall-boys by the pool type of jam.

2. Oakley Hall - "Volume Rambler"
Dark: Gypsum Strings is the better of their two 2006 albums, but this song, from Second Guessing, is perhaps the best on either of them. It's an excellent introduction to the band's droning, psychedelic country-rock.
DJ: Psychedelic country is probably one of my top genre's of music. Stuff like Flying Burrito Brothers and New Riders... are great but this brings an element of rocking

3. The Velvet Underground - "She's My Best Friend"
DJ: For some dumb ass reason it took me a long time to come around on the VU. This shiny number is from an album that was recorded in the late 60's but their label balked on and never released. Sounds like the Dead, kinda.
Dark: SOMEBODY JUST GOT MARRIED. Fine late-period catchy folk song from the MOST IMPORTANTEST BAND OF ANY TIME EVER.

4. Circle - "Connection"
Dark: Circle left the forest to make an ep that's equal parts metal and kraut-rock. "Connection" provokes the same uncontrollable spastic physical reaction as Oneida.
DJ: Can + Dungen = pogostick acid trip. Not typical for em, but very powerful and driving.

5. Oneida - "The Adversary"
DJ: This song is visual O for me. I can picture a pretty amazing video for this song with dinosaurs playing the instruments and this bad ass Triceratops playing bass. This was my ANTHEM of the summer. Jam this one LOUD brahs, pump your fist with one hand and crush a brew with the other.
Dark: Okay, Thank Your Parents is a damn fine album. Still, there are really only two absolutely essential songs on it, and this is one of them. I think I've written about this elsewhere around here, but this song pretty much dominated my mind for a straight week or so earlier this summer. Like in all great Oneida songs, they push your mind to the breaking point, and just when you don't think you can take it anymore that one-note guitar solo comes slicing through and alleviates much of the pressure. Once I actually got dizzy on a train platform at that point.

6. Asia - "Heat Of The Moment"
Dark: I've covered this elsewhere. I pretty much had a breakdown while listening to this song a few months ago. I was positively crushed by the nostalgia and wistfulness. I haven't even had any ambitions since I was a teenager. Shit.
DJ: One of the best lyrics from the 80's: "And now you find yourself in '82" Dont know why but that lyric always got me. Love this song, and I agree with dark about the nostalgia - it brings back memories of me jammin' Kasey Kasem on my jam box Saturday afternoons.

7. Love Is All - "Felt Tip Hip Kids"
Dark: This was my introduction to Love Is All. Their album is my favorite of the year. This isn't even on it. Those keyboard washes (or whatever) are beautiful, even (daresay) hauntingly so. After drifting for a few blissful moments they reel you in with that bassline at the end. Just an amazing song.
DJ: This is one of those bands that I am amazed I know (kinda) - because they are really fucking good. Josephine the singer reminds me a lot of LIFE WITHOUT BUILDINGS as Dark mentioned, but another standout female voice.

8. Comets On Fire - "Lucifer's Memory"
DJ: Their new record is out of this fucking earf. Still rocks your teeth loose but a lot of it is much more mellow. Channeling the Dead, Seeger, and The Allman's. When the chorus hits in this song, all is right in my life.
Dark: These men have mellowed out. Allmaned out. I dig it. This one's a little long, though, a little too wayward. I like other songs off of the new album more. Although by the last minute or so it starts to feel suitably epic.

9. Madness - "It Must Be Love"
DJ: Madness was always one of those bands that I wanted to buy records by but never did. Heard this song recently on the radio and it made me realize I had missed out. An amazing song, truly. Essential late summer haze.
Dark: So I most definitely love myself some Madness. They had songs I enjoy more, but "It Must Be Love" is surely their finest slice of pop song-craft. And again, did I mention that I know a dude who just got married?

10. Warmer Milks - "Rwanda"
Dark: A pleasant little idyll. Atmosphere trumps lyrics, melody, whatever else. It's like you're hanging out in both a quiet bower and a misty moor at the exact same time. Then all of a sudden you're on a boat.
DJ: This song takes me to that place. Not Arkansas. Pretty.

11. Wilco - "What's The World Got In Store"
DJ: Deep cut jamboree by these dudes. Always loved this song and thought it never really got picked up by the band live or anything. A harken back to Jeff Tweedy's early on days.
Dark: Few things bug me more than idiot writers who continue to call Wilco "country-rock". And although "Americana" might fit, sonically, it remains a really moronic term for a musical genre. Still, they's definitely believe in TRADITION, and on this one they totally trad it all the way the fuck up to like Jayhawks territory, or something.

12. Thirteenth Floor Elevators - "May The Circle Remain Unbroken"
Dark: A ghost transmission from the nether-world. I love songs that sound like they're about to fall apart. I don't even know if this one gets collected enough to be able to fall apart.
DJ: I think these guys are under appreciated. Grandfathers of psychedelia. This song is a haunting glimpse at their ability. I veel on the edge of something listening to it.

13. Stiff Little Fingers - "Alternative Ulster"
DJ: Jam this one at full blast and see if you don't get chill bumps. I'd follow these dudes to overthrow a government, all the while drinking beer - of course. I think I first heard this while Dark was djing at WUOG. Great song.
Dark: Blank Generation classic. Haven't heard it in a while. Always makes me think of Leon Uris's book Trinity. I used to want to be Irish, and then I saw Braveheart.

14. The Fixx - "Stand Or Fall"
DJ: 80's Fluff. From the dudes who brought you "One Thing Leads To Another", "Saved By Zero", and "Red Skies At Night" - this is one of their lesser known hits but its a fucking gem. This is the curve ball of the bunch.
Dark: A little dull, but still way better than Interpol.

15. Les Rallizes Denudes - "Enter The Mirror"
Dark: Proof that "noise" can be beautiful. This is like the Jesus and Mary Chain with everything exaggerated and/or amplified a thousand-fold.
DJ: Japan never knew what hit it. I love the building power in this song and the waves of feedback that shouldnt scare people off, it should invite them in.

16. Eric Bachmann - "Lonesome Warrior"
Dark: He sounds like the indie-rock Dan Fogelberg on his new album. This song's a definite stand-out, though. It's just a nice, lovely little song with only marginally embarrassing lyrics.
DJ: Beautiful closer. Minimalist in a way, at least for him. Definitely will be the only Saddle Creek record in my collection.
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